Have you ever imagined? Imagined that for some minutes, you’re allowed to allow your thoughts to be?

That maybe everything you’ve been taught and told by everyone around you is false, and the truth is something so very different from the teachings of our parents, preachers and leaders?

how did we get here?

Before going forward, I’ll like to stress that everything written here is all part of my imagination. I cannot attest to the authenticity of the statements and hypotheses I’ll be making in here. These all words in a skull while good music plays, and clouds float in the background.

This is an assumptive post, so you would have ifs, and assumings. However, I implore you to please read with me to the end, and drop your comments, so we can grow our conspiracy theory😉

In the beginning of time, there was Earth, which according to astrologists is the 3rd planet in succession from the sun. In most religions and religious practice, every believer has a different understanding of how God created humans.

destroy earth! destroy earth!!

From breathing life into soil, to forming them from objects. However, sadly, we can’t talk about all the religions. However, for the sake of our conspiracy theory, I’d be going with Christianity as my major religion for our conspiracy theory. Sorry to my ifa readers.. you get your spot in the future

So, the old books says that God created the Earth, Animals, Human,And Plants; along with his(God’s) very powerful army, which he called Angels. These Angels were under the charge of the lead general of the Angel army; Angel Micheal, and were all charged with watching over the base (garden of Eden) that now served as palace grounds for God and his family, including the lesser humans he, God brought from Venus;the world that was ended because of the devil.

we have wars to be won my king

This makes me imagine more as to how the creation of humans came to be.
In my mind, Venus is burning, and the last royalty has to save the future of mankind. So, God, who is from the royal family of the advanced humans who lived in Venus, brings Adam, who is a lesser human from Mars to Earth, and locks him in the Palace garden.

In order to be rid of image of the devastating destruction that happened on planet Venus, the human is made to believe that he was created from soil, and life breathed into him.

However, God seeing that just a man cannot be on his own makes the man fall deep into sleep, and brings a woman to become the man’s partner, and he says “Adam, from your ribs, I made you a partner”…and now, the truth begins to rare its ugly head bit by bit.

it’s just kush. take one drag my love😎

Instructions are given. Do not eat from the fruit from the tree in the middle of this garden. However, devil, who by the way in this post isn’t human, but the “overwhelming urge to do something bad”, engulfs dear woman who remembers how it feels to be rebellious, and she convinces man to eat the fruit in the middle of the garden. Now, both Adam and his partner, Eve have taken from the cannabis tree that has opened their mind to the truth of life. So much for keeping the greens in the middle…

Adam realizes he is naked, and shields himself from the world. So does Eve.

Meanwhile, God, who alongside his great army of Angels were canvassing the Earth, trying to remove all obstacles that ‘d hinder man’s living comes back to the palace ground, and is sad to see that the man couldn’t wait for him to complete the mission he was there for before beginning to turn into one of them from the previous world.

let’s just go. we’ll give birth to some kids😒

Angrily, they both are sent outside of the garden in the palace of Eden.
Now, man has to till the soil to get his own food, and doesn’t get any ration from the Angels again, thanks to his wife.
Eve, now would have to give birth since at the end, both parties would end up realizing how to have sex. All this because Adam smoked a stick of cannabis!

Years forward, and now, God has gone to his own world to continue the war that ravaged the previous world, however, not without dropping hints of what to expect down the line at different locations all over the Earth so future generations that’d become advanced can find, and peruse this information in order to avoid the disasters of the past.

money is everything…

God knows that at end, he wouldn’t be able to save humans from the devil they will end up creating, because now that they know the truth, they’d seek advancement in their sojourn on Earth, hereby creating devils at each stage that will rear its ugly end to ultimately become the doom of humans!

And so, God sought to destroy the Earth by opening the dam of the water from the sky up, but he ends up giving Noah instructions to build a spaceship to safeguard himself and his family, alongside all the other animals. Rain falls for years, and the whole world is washed away, however, Noah and his family survives, and the generation of human continues.

how rockets looked like during world end I

I know this because, you are still reading this post, and so, we weren’t destroyed by the rain of God.

I also know humans still continue to create devils. This time, a greater force that’s harder to resist, MONEY. Hopefully, the future generation are able to write something more exciting, and not be alone on Earth suffering, while the rich ones who can afford to be “raptured” move on to the next world in Mars!

Where’s Elon Musk? Was he raptured also?!

Cheers to another day of life world!

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